Think Pacific Volunteering in Fiji – Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development

Key Information


Application Deadline: 21/02/22 at 9:00 am

Opportunity type: Extra-curricular opportunities, Volunteering

Ref: 10006364


Departure Date: 09/06/22

Return Date: 09/07/22


£1695 programme fee + £1200 flight costs (total est. cost of £2895): the estimated cost for travel, programme fees including accommodation. Students will also be required to pay for: UK and in-country transfers, DBS checks, visa (if applicable)


DMU Global Bursary: £400

Additional Funding: £590 + £1360 flight bursary for Widening Access Students as part of the Turing Scheme


Accommodation: Booked and provided by Think Pacific

Travel: Booked by DMU (students travel as a group)


General Enquiries:


This DMU Global opportunity is funded by the Turing Scheme, and is only open to students who meet the programme’s Widening Access definition, as per the following categories:


  • Students with low household income or low socio-economic status (including those with an annual household income of £25,000 or less) – please note that this can only be verified for Home students by Student Finance England. International and EU students cannot qualify through this criteria. 
  • Students who are care-experienced
  • Students who have caring responsibilities
  • Neither of the students’ parents can be found or it is not reasonably practicable to get in touch with either of them (estranged students)
  • Refugees and asylum seekers

As part of the application process, the selection panel will be looking for students with a demonstrable interest in public good, volunteering and contributing towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, due to the nature of the programme and host organisation requirements, the age limit of participants is 35 years old. There are a maximum of 15 places available, with a minimum of 8 participants required for this opportunity to take place. Students are recommended to check the eligibility criteria before applying.


Please note, that no DMU staff will be travelling with students as part of this opportunity, instead participants will be supported by Think Pacific and the host organisations in Fiji.


DMU Global in cooperation with our partner Think Pacific, are offering DMU students the chance to spend 4 weeks volunteering in Fiji in summer 2022. Students will have the opportunity to work as part of a team, contributing to community development initiatives that support the achievement of the Fiji National Development Plan, whilst staying with a Fijian family in a traditional village.

Think Pacific works with over 70 Fijian organisations to support the aims of the Fiji National Development Plan. Students will work on local initiatives in groups of up to 25 people and experienced leaders. This opportunity will provide students with

The opportunity will include:

  • 120+ hours of international work experience
  • Total Fijian cultural immersion
  • Support the Fiji National Development Plan and UN SDG’s
  • Contribute towards sustainable development
  • Develop your cultural IQ, global perspectives and employability skills
  • Receive references, a certificate of completion and LinkedIn endorsement

For detailed information about this opportunity, please visit the De Montfort University-Students to Fiji page on the Think Pacific website.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

De Montfort University is the only higher education institution in the UK to be a global hub for one of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDG 16 to promote peace, justice and strong institutions. The SDGs were introduced by the United Nations in 2010 with the aim of improving the lives of millions of people by 2030.

Through our activities at DMU, we aim to contribute to all of the UN SDGs in a variety of ways. This DMU Global volunteering opportunity specifically gives students the chance to engage with the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Learning Objectives

Participating in a DMU Global opportunity can help you develop a range of skills and competencies that enhance your studies and boost your employability. Through participation in this volunteering opportunity in Fiji we expect that students will develop the following:

  • A greater sense of societal responsibility and civic mindedness, by engaging in behaviours and activities in the best interests of society and the environment.
  • Respect for other cultures, beliefs, world views and practices.
  • Cross-cultural empathy and the ability to understand cultures and how different people perceive situations, emotionally respond to them, and how to behave as a way of showing understanding.

COVID-19 information

  • Travel to Fiji is permitted according to the travel rules for England as listed on UK Government website.
  • Students are required to have both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine prior to travel to Fiji.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information about the entry and testing requirements for Fiji can be found on the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office website and Fiji Travel Website. The current requirements are for travellers to take a RT-PCR test before travel to Fiji. In addition, travellers are required to take a lateral flow or PCR test within 2 days of arriving back in England. Further Information can be found on the UK Government website.
  • The estimated costs for the required COVID-19 tests are £100. Students are required to arrange and pay for these tests independently.
  • All students that are offered a place on this DMU Global opportunity will receive further COVID-19 advice and guidance by email and in pre-departure briefing sessions. More details and COVID-19 Travel Information can be found here.