Summer Traineeship


Most first and second year undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this opportunity. The Traineeship must take place during Summer 2021.

To be eligible for Erasmus+ Summer Traineeship funding, the placement opportunity needs to meet the following criteria:

  • The work placement must be signed off by the placements team and your personal tutor
  • The work placement period must be full-time
  • The minimum period of the work placement is 60 days
  • The work placement must take place in an EU or EEA country, and should not be in your home country

Financial support

Students participating in the Erasmus+ programme may be eligible for a grant, which is designed to help cover some of the costs of your time spent overseas. The grant rates vary depending on the location of the traineeship and can be found on the Erasmus+ website.

Supplementary funding for students with disabilities and learning difficulties

Additional funding from the Erasmus+ programme is available for students with disabilities and learning difficulties. Please contact for more information regarding this and how to apply.

Application process

You need to take the following steps to set up an Erasmus+ Summer Traineeship:

  • Book an appointment with the placement team in your faculty via MyGateway as early as possible.
  • The placement team will advise on how to search the listings on MyGateway and register for a placement
  • You can also source an opportunity through independent research, contacts and networking. You may also consult some sites here which advertise opportunities.
  • In both cases, we strongly recommend you take advantage of the 1:1 appointments, workshops, events and interview practice available to help you secure a placement.
  •  If you secure an opportunity through the placement team, they will give you information on how to apply for the funding via DMU Global. If you secure an opportunity independently, please advise the placement team and DMU Global as soon as possible.

If you intend to apply for a summer traineeship, please provide details about the planned traineeship using the link below:

The Global Mobility Office will get in touch with you towards the end of the academic year to confirm whether you have successfully secured a placement opportunity and will provide guidance on how to access any Erasmus+ funding that is available.

Application deadline

The deadline to apply for funding for a Summer Traineeship is Monday 12 July, 9am. Students must notify DMU Global of their placement opportunity at least a month in advance of their departure date.

  • Departure and return dates – all students are expected to complete their Traineeship between May 2021 and September 2021

Visas and insurance

EU nationals will not require a visa to travel or work in another EU country. International students will require a visa to work in Europe and are responsible for obtaining this. Home students beginning a mobility after 31 December 2020 will not be eligible for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). Further guidance regarding immigration rules for Home students in the context of Brexit can be found here.

Although all students are covered by the DMU travel insurance policy, participants will be required to purchase their own personal health insurance policy.


Students completing a Summer Traineeship will receive recognition as part of their Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).

Where can I find a placement?

  • TEFL Trainer – Learn the theory behind TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and gain hands-on experience teaching English in a school in Spain. Although this position is unpaid, students will obtain an official TEFL certificate and can qualify for Erasmus+ funding. All first and second year students are eligible to apply.