Cultural influences on Psychology and Wellbeing in Malaysia

Key Information


Application Deadline: 05/02/24 at 9:00 am

Opportunity type: Academic-led trips

Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

Ref: 10008404


Departure Date: 23/06/24

Return Date: 02/07/24


£1200: the estimated cost for travel and accommodation (excluding DMU Global funding). Students will also be required to pay for: UK and in-country transfers, visits, food and drink, visa (if applicable)


DMU Global Bursary: £400


Accommodation: Shared rooms in a hostel or hotel booked by DMU

Travel: Flights booked by DMU (students travel as a group)


General Enquiries: Global Mobility Office -

Trip Lead: John Song -

How to pay

Payment details: Students will be required to pay £800 as a contribution towards the cost of travel and accommodation after being offered a place on the trip. The DMU Global bursary will be deducted directly from the overall cost of the booking.

Carbon Levy

Student contribution: To offset the carbon emissions from the flight for this trip there is a £5 Carbon Levy for this trip which has been added to the total cost. Information about how this Levy will be used can be found here.


Second and third year students from all Psychology programmes (including joint), MSc Health Psychology and MSc Psychological Wellbeing are all eligible for this opportunity. There is a maximum of 30 places available, with a minimum of 16 participants required for this opportunity to take place. Students are recommended to check the eligibility criteria before applying.


Please note, if you have already participated on or been accepted for a DMU Global overseas trip between September 2023 and August 2024 you are not eligible to apply for this opportunity.


Students are recommended to apply for no more than 2 overseas opportunities. Further application submissions will not be considered.


Trip description

Students will explore the influence of culture on personality psychology and psychological well-being in multicultural Malaysia. We will visit the psychology department at Asia Pacific University (APU), our partner university so student will have opportunities to learn with, and from, local and international Psychology students at the university in formal lecture or seminar group settings, and other informal planned activities.

The cross-cultural perspective on human behaviour and approaches to psychological well-being will be a key learning point. This is achieved through formal learning situations, and also through interaction with staff and students. It is anticipated this understanding will improve students’ cross-cultural communication skills. The lived-experience of being in a culturally different country will present students with first-hand knowledge about differences in perceptions, ideas and behaviours; and approaches to managing psychological well-being.

Apart from formal academic visits, visiting nationally important sites such as the National Museum of Malaysia, Art House Gallery Museum of Ethnic Arts, and Orang Asli Craft Museum, and others, will provide rich contextual learning for students in Malaysia. Students will learn about the influences of history, events, and places on the people of Malaysia which will contrast with their own experience living in the U.K.

We also hope to take students to visit a Malaysian charity supporting those with a chronic health condition in the country.

The estimated total cost for flights and accommodation for this trip to Malaysia is £1200. Students will be expected to pay the remaining amount after the £800 DMU Global bursary is deducted from the total.

Learning objectives

Participating in a DMU Global opportunity can help you develop knowledge, skills and competencies that enhance your studies. The objectives of this trip to Malaysia are:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the influence of culture on personality psychology and psychological well-being.
  • Enhance cross-cultural communication skills by exchanging ideas with local and international psychology students at a higher education institution.

Prior to the trip participants will virtually meet with students from APU to prepare for the trip and provide a buddying opportunity. During this meeting, there will be the opportunity for DMU students to learn about the practicalities and cultural differences of visiting Malaysia, helping develop intercultural awareness.

Cultural activities

Students will have the opportunity to explore places of national importance such as the Petronas Twin Towers; the 272 steps to Batu (limestone) Cave used for Hindu festivals, Chinese temples, and Islamic Art Museum. Based in the capital city, there will be easy access to many attractions such as the Petaling Street, Kwai Chai Hong, KL Tower and KL Bird Park which has the world’s largest free flight aviary. If time permits, a visit to nearby Malacca city which is steeped in colonial (Dutch and Portuguese) history may be possible.

Visa Information

Due to various external factors and an unprecedented demand for international travel, there are significant delays in visa processing, as well as very limited availability of application appointment slots for some countries and embassies.
Please note that you do not need a visa for Malaysia if you are a British passport holder.
We recommend that you take all appropriate steps to secure a visa as soon as practically possible, and to notify DMU Global if you face any issues. It is your responsibility to meet the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to. Failing to do so may mean that you’re liable for the costs incurred to the university (including repayment of the DMU Global bursary).