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Internationalise your DMU degree! As part of your undergraduate degree, you can spend a year studying abroad at one of DMU’s partner universities across the globe, in Europe, North America and Asia. As well as experiencing a new culture and enhancing your studies, receiving formal recognition as part of your degree title will help you stand out in the job market. 

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Most full-degree undergraduate students at DMU can choose to study at a range of universities globally for a full academic year. Students on programmes that are externally accredited are recommended to check with their programme leader if they are eligible, prior to applying. 

Applications to participate on student exchange are submitted in the second year (Level 5) of undergraduate study. Accepted students are then required to complete their final year (Level 6) of studies upon returning from the year abroad. Please note, studying on exchange is an additional year that extends your degree duration to four years in total.  

Application dates

Applications for second year undergraduate students in the 2021-2022 academic year to apply to study on exchange are now closed.

Applications will reopen in October 2022 for students to apply in the next academic year.

Where can I go?

You can choose to study at one of our overseas partner universities listed below. For guidance on how to select a university to apply for, please refer to our application guidance. We also recommend checking out our partner matrix which gives a quick overview of where you can go based on your programme of study. 


North America



All students that complete the full academic year and successfully pass their modules (equivalent to 120 UK credits) will receive formal recognition and will graduate with the degree award ‘BA/BSc [degree programme] with year abroad’. For further details, students can refer to the Student Exchange Year Abroad Recognition Guidance.

Why study abroad?

Studying overseas is an unforgettable experience that can offer you a wide range of benefits. Students that spend time abroad report personal growth, cultural learning and language skill development as some of the positive outcomes. Research conducted by various bodies such as UUKi also indicates that…


Students who go abroad are 9% more likely to gain a 1st or 2:1 degree


Students who go abroad are 20% less likely to be unemployed, compared to those who didn’t go abroad


Those in work six months after graduation are 10% more likely to be in a ‘graduate’ job earning on average a 7% wage premium

What DMU students have said about studying on exchange

“Taking part in this programme changed me for the better. I live at home while I am studying at DMU so it was a big step for me to travel overseas. It helped me become more confident, independent and gain a better understanding of cultural differences.”

Maria Bouazzouz
Maria Bouazzouz

EXCHANGE YEAR AT Charles university, prague

“Studying in the US was a life changing experience! I enhanced my knowledge, learnt new concepts and developed my passion for Psychology. Aside from my studies, I became more confident, made friends for life and learnt more about myself.”

Kajal Patel
Kajal Patel

EXCHANGE YEAR AT Francis Marion university, USA