Impact of our work

Our mission is to deliver international experiences that transform and empower our students. The benefits and impact of international experiences are wide ranging! These include, improved degree outcomes and future employment and earning potential. We believe that impact can be measured in a variety of ways, and should consider both the impact on individuals, and our levels of engagement with students from diverse backgrounds.

DMU Global at a glance

Since the launch of the DMU Global in 2014, we have achieved the following…

  • 20,000 students have taken part in our international experiences
  • 14,637 students have travelled overseas with DMU Global
  • 899 unique overseas opportunities have been organised for students
  • 5,391 students have benefited from online and on-campus international experiences
  • 65 countries have been visited by students with DMU Global

External recognition

Outstanding International Strategy

In 2016, DMU won the Times Higher Education Leadership Award for Outstanding International Strategy recognising the innovative approach that DMU Global had taken in delivering international experiences for students. The awarding committee noted how the programme added a new dimension to teaching and learning and how it has become one of the largest mobility schemes at any UK university.

2019 Heiskell Honorable Mention: Student Mobility

In 2019 DMU received the Heiskell Honorable Mention in the student mobility category at the IIE awards in New York, recognising the impact of the DMU Global programme and the opportunities for students to study, work and volunteer abroad on offer.

Sustainability international impact award finalist

DMU Global has been shortlisted as a finalist by the Professionals in International Education (PIE) for their Sustainability International Impact award as part of The PIEoneer Awards 2022. The PIE has recognised DMU Global as a finalist in this category for the innovation and creativity shown in creating virtual international experiences, in response to the climate crisis and need to reduce carbon emissions globally.

Building back better finalist

In July 2022 DMU Global was shortlisted as a finalist by the Green Gown Awards for their Building Back Better award. DMU Global has been recognised as a finalist in this category for its innovative response to the COVID-19 pandemic and climate crisis, which includes attempts to reduce our carbon footprint, educate students and staff about sustainability, and the introduction of ‘greener’ virtual international experiences that encourage meaningful online collaboration with partners and students globally.

Student impact 

Throughout their journey with us, we engage with students to help them set goals, reflect on their learning and to consider what skills they have developed. We collect a mix of qualitative and quantitative feedback which showcases how students feel they have benefited academically and personally. Student feedback shows that…


felt more confident in handling new and unfamiliar situations


felt the experience added value to their course at DMU


cited a better understanding of different cultures 

Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that students who have participated on DMU Global opportunities also get better degree outcomes compared to students who haven’t participated. On average, students that took part in DMU Global overseas experiences (78%) were more likely to achieve a 2:1 or a first-class honours degree, compared to those that didn’t (72%).

Widening access

We believe that international experiences should be accessible to all students regardless of their background or financial situation. That’s why we designed a programme that provides financial and practical support for students, as well as flexible, shorter duration experiences that take place overseas, online and on campus.

We are proud of the fact that we engage such a wide range of students at DMU, demonstrated by the demographic data of our participants:

We recognise that work still needs to be done in improving student engagement, and are committed to working with students and staff at DMU to address these moving forward. 

Annual report

Our latest annual report provides an overview of DMU Global activity each year. You can read our latest report covering the 2019-20 academic year by clicking the link below…

Read our annual report

Despite the significant impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, over 2,000 students had an international experience with DMU Global. This included 1,318 students on overseas opportunities and 753 participating in on-campus experiences such as language learning. Some of the feedback highlights include:

  • 91% of participants felt their experience was good value for money, and the same percentage felt the opportunity added value to their course.
  • Students felt they developed a range of transferable skills, with increased confidence, improved understanding of different cultures and the ability to work with others scoring highest.
  • 90% of students are now more interested in pursuing other international experiences following their participation on a DMU Global opportunity.
  • Overall, 97% of students indicated that they were satisfied with their experience.

The value & impact of short-term mobility report

Throughout the 2020-21 academic year, we participated in a research project in cooperation with Universities UK International and other UK HEIs looking at the impact of short-term international experiences on undergraduate students. The project responded to the growth in the number of reported instances of short-term mobility in UK Higher Education, and the need to better understand the impact, value and barriers associated with such activity. You can read the report published in May 2021 by clicking the link below…

Read report

This report showcases the data gathered from DMU students and recent graduates captured via an online survey and focus groups.