Disability support

At DMU Global we try our best to ensure that our opportunities are as inclusive as possible, and we understand that everyone is different. Our aim is to help all students have a positive experience and this page provides information about what support is available for students with disabilities.

We work closely with Disability Advice and Support (DAS) to offer advice and support to students.  If you would like to discuss disclosing your disability and what reasonable adjustments you may need on your DMU Global opportunity, please email disglo@dmu.ac.uk and an appointment can be arranged for you.

Taking part in a DMU Global opportunity

If you need additional support:

1. Speak to DMU Global

We will be happy to give you more information about the opportunity that you are interested in. Alternatively, the Trip Lead (listed on the opportunity advert) can offer more specific information about the opportunity.

2. Apply for the DMU Global opportunity

Complete the online application form which you can find on the opportunity advert.

3. Complete the Confidential Information Form

If your application is successful you will be required to complete this form to disclose any additional needs and requirements you may have. You can use this part of the application process to tell us about disabilities, health conditions or impairments which may affect your experience. This also includes physical disabilities, mental health conditions, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, specific learning differences and Epilepsy.

4. Discuss reasonable adjustments

The Disability Advice and Support (DAS) team will assess your needs and support you in identifying any reasonable adjustments required to help you take part in the DMU Global opportunity. If your chosen DMU Global opportunity isn’t the best choice for you, we will work with you to find an alternative solution.

Student Experiences

“DMU Global have really ensured I can have the best possible student experience…. and do the same things as everyone else does.”

“The trip was amazing. The best thing was to be included with my peers and being able to take part in the opportunity.”

“It changed my life forever. Truly. And anxiety? It can be controlled. My DMU Global experience proved it.”


Below are some links to useful online resources: