Online training modules

To help make your DMU Global experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we have developed a range of interactive, online training modules to help you prepare for your time overseas.

Our training modules will remember your progress, so you can choose to complete them in stages. We hope you find them informative and engaging, and encourage you to provide us with feedback via the evaluation form at the end of the training!

Accessing our online training modules 

Our online training modules are hosted on Blackboard in the DMU Global Community shell. To access them, you will first need to self enrol onto our community shell through the self enrol communities panel. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Health & Safety Abroad 

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This module is for all students that are travelling overseas on a DMU Global opportunity. It covers a range of topics that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to stay healthy and safe when you are abroad.

The training is mandatory for all participants to complete prior to travel, and we recommend that you do it at least 4 weeks before you go. You can access it via Blackboard, and it will take between 45-60 minutes

Sustainability & Travel 

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This module offers all students the opportunity to learn more about sustainability, and the impact of travel on the environment. It covers a range of topics that will help you understand how to be a more responsible traveller.

The training is optional. You can access it via Blackboard, and it will take between 30-45 minutes. 

Learning log

DMU Global international experiences will help you to develop a range of skills and competencies, as well as enhancing your studies and cultural awareness. The value you get from your experience, however, is largely determined by the quality of your reflections and your ability to apply gained skills/knowledge in the future.

To help you make the most of your overseas experience we have created a Student Learning Log that you can download here and use, before, during and after your trip.

Student support

We appreciate that all students have different requirements, concerns and steps that they need to take as part of their preparation for overseas travel. To assist you in this process, we have prepared guidance and resources that cover a range of topics, which can be explored below…

Disability support

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LGBT student advice

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Minority students

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Visa information

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Whether you have questions about travel and accommodation bookings, insurance, foreign currency or even Brexit and its impact on your overseas experience, we have collated information that can be accessed via the links below…

Travel essentials

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COVID-19 Travel Information

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