Recognising your experiences

Participating in DMU Global opportunities, whether these are overseas, online or on-campus can help you develop a range of skills, competencies and knowledge. We appreciate that formal recognition of your experiences is an important part of your development and can support future career plans.

Here you can find information about the different forms of recognition we offer for international experiences through DMU Global…


Digital Badges

Degree Recognition

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

When you graduate, as well as being issued with a degree certificate, you will be given access to your HEAR. This electronic document is our official academic transcript of your module results, alongside any recognised extra achievements such as internships, volunteering or student representative roles.

The HEAR is an excellent way to showcase your employability as it captures not only your individual modules, but any recognised extra activities you’ve done at DMU. This could give you the chance to stand out from the crowd when employers are looking at potential graduate employees.

You will receive HEAR recognition for participating in any of the following DMU Global activities:

  • Short-term overseas trips
  • On-campus experiences such as language learning
  • DMU Global Online Learning
  • Student exchange

To help you, DMU have created a recognised list of activities.

Digital Badges

Digital badges are graphical representations of an accomplishment and are often used in educational settings to articulate and recognise learning, course completion and competency.

DMU Global will be using the Open Badge Standard to recognise activities, experiences and learning. The existing and universally recognised standard ensures that your digital badge can be verified and shared across different platforms in a transparent way. You can read more about Open Badges here.

We have been using digital badges to recognise language and cultural experiences since January 2021. Students that complete the following DMU Global activities will receive a DMU Global digital badge: Intercultural Awareness Digital Badge:

  • Intercultural Competence Course – completing a short course involving a range of workshops, learning activities and volunteering will be recognised with our Intercultural Awareness digital badge.
  • Beginner Language Classes – completing a 10-week DMU Global language course will be recognised with our Language Learning digital badge.

Degree recognition

Undergraduate students that successfully complete a year studying abroad receive formal recognition and will graduate with the degree award ‘BA/BSc [academic programme] with year abroad’.

The year abroad is currently only offered for students upon completion of their second year (level 5) of undergraduate study. You are then required to complete your final year (level 6) following your return from the year abroad, to be eligible for the degree recognition.

Most undergraduate DMU programmes permit students to spend a year abroad, however inclusion is subject to exchange partner programme offerings, and the discretion of your Programme Leader. Programmes with PSRB accreditation are eligible, but recognition is subject to approval from the external accrediting body.

For more information about recognition of the exchange year abroad, please refer to the DMU Global guidance document or contact