Application Guidance

To help you make the best possible application to study on exchange we have prepared some guidance to support you through the application process. 

What are we looking for from applicants?

  • To be studying in the second year of an undergraduate programme where it is possible to study on exchange. Please contact if you are unsure about this.
  • Performing well academically, averaging a grade of 2:1 or above and on target to progress to the next level of study
  • To have attended a mandatory information session about studying on exchange
  • Demonstrable interest in learning about new cultures and languages
  • Actively and engaged in student life and/or initiatives at DMU (e.g. clubs, societies, volunteering).

How to choose the right universities to apply for?

When applying to study on exchange there are a number of factors you need to consider to make sure you choose appropriate host universities. Outlined below are some of these key factors that we recommend you explore further when looking at universities and speaking with our team.

  • Academic offer – your chosen universities will need to offer courses and modules that broadly align with your studies at DMU. We recommend that you check our partner matrix for an overview of the programmes on offer at each university. 
  • Location – consider whether you would benefit from being closer to home with access to cheap flights back to the UK, or if you are comfortable with being further away with less opportunities to travel home throughout the year. 
  • Finances – the cost of living varies significant by country; therefore, we recommend you think carefully about your personal financial circumstances and potential budget. To help you understand costs better we have included a cost comparison to the UK on each partner university advert.
  • Disability & wellbeing support – If you currently receive disability support or have a diagnosed condition that requires support or adjustments, this will be an important factor to be mindful of when selecting your university. While support may be available at the universities, it may not be readily available in English or to the same extent that it is at DMU. We recommend you contact our team or the DMU Global Disability Officer at who will be able to provide support and guidance on this.