California State University, Chico – Chico, California

California State University (CSU), Chico was founded in 1887 and is the second oldest campus in the 23-campus California State University system. The University offers more than 100 undergraduate major and minor options and has almost 18,000 students. Chico is located north of Sacramento and is only a few hours away from Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and the Oregon border. A three-hour drive away from the mountains, the city or the beach.

Programmes of study

CSU offers a range of programmes of study that include Art Studies, Business Administration, Computer Science, International Studies, Mathematics, Technology, Theatre and so on. Full details of the majors on offer can be found on the CSU website.

Exchange students will be required to follow a full programme of study for the academic year based at CSU, Chico.

Travel & accommodation

  • Travel – The nearest major airport to CSU is Sacramento International Airport. Depending on your arrival time, airport pick up may be available. For more information on getting there, please see the CSU website.
  • Accommodation – You will need to apply to live in housing on-campus as an exchange student. For more information check out CSU website.

Visas & insurance

  • Visas – To take part in this exchange you are responsible for ensuring that you meet US immigration requirements.
  • Insurance – DMU insurance is not sufficient for studying on exchange in the United States, and students are required to purchase emergency medical insurance while attending CSU. For more information, please see the CSU Website.


Living costs in the US tend to be higher than those in the UK. We recommend that you do further independent research to gain a better understanding of the cost of your year abroad. To help you, we have a created a simple cost comparison between the UK and USA: