COVID-19 Travel Information

We recognise that a lot has changed since the Pandemic especially when it comes to going abroad. This page contains some useful information to help you to prepare to travel and have a safe experience whilst COVID-19 remains a global issue.

Travelling to your destination

Each country is likely to have different travel requirements, we recommend that you visit the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s (FCDO) travel advice page for the latest information on COVID-19, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings.

DMU Global participants will receive destination specific details as a part of their preparation, but you are advised to use the FCDO website for the most up-to-date information.

Returning to England

There are currently no COVID-19 rules for travelling to England from another country. For further information please visit the UK Government web page.

Travelling responsibly 

To make your time overseas safe and enjoyable, we encourage you to follow these recommendations:

  • COVID-19 vaccination – all students are strongly recommended to be fully vaccinated prior to travel. If you are not, it could mean that you are denied entry to your destination, required to pay for additional tests, or need to self-isolate/quarantine overseas or in the UK.
  • Face coverings – students are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings where they can, especially in enclosed spaces or where social distancing isn’t possible. As a part of the trip, you will be required to wear face coverings at the airport, when flying, and will need to adhere to the face covering requirements of your host country. Remember to pack multiple face coverings for your trip. If you are unable to wear a face covering for legitimate personal or health reasons, please follow the Government guidance for exemptions on the GOV.UK website
  • Test regularly – all students are strongly encouraged to get tested twice weekly until further notice (irrespective of vaccination status). You are able to use lateral flow device (LFD) home kits or by accessing a local testing facility.
  • Good health & hygiene – To limit the transmission of COVID-19 whilst travelling, we encourage you to maintain good personal hygiene by washing your hands regularly, carrying hand sanitiser with you and keeping a safe distance from others where possible. 

Preparing to travel with DMU Global

As you prepare to travel with DMU Global, it is important to be aware of your responsibilities and the possible implications of COVID-19. These include:

  • Attending pre-departure sessions – you will need to attend all briefing sessions organised by DMU Global and/or your Trip Lead. This is to ensure you are aware of all the COVID-19 requirements associated with your trip.
  • Meeting entry requirements – it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all entry requirements for your host country and for your return to England. Violating COVID-19 rules and entry requirements through fault of your own will mean that your DMU Global experience is cancelled, and you will be liable to repay the costs in full (including the DMU Global bursary).
  • COVID-19 before travel – If you test positive for COVID-19 prior to travel you will not be permitted to travel. In this scenario, you won’t be liable for the cancellation costs if proof of a positive PCR test is provided.
  • COVID-19 whilst overseas – If you test positive for COVID-19 whilst you are overseas, you will be required to quarantine as per the rules of the host country. DMU has insurance cover in place to cover the costs if this happens.

Travel insurance

DMU provides travel insurance for all students participating on overseas DMU Global opportunities, and this includes COVID-19 cover in cases where your trip is cancelled due to a positive test or if you are required to quarantine in a hotel whilst overseas. Prior to travel, participants will be sent a copy of the travel insurance summary policy which details exactly what is and isn’t covered.