Green Global Grant 

To align with our Climate Action commitments, DMU Global has introduced the Green Global Grant to encourage students to travel to their overseas exchange or work placement by more sustainable means of travel. 

What is the Grant?

The Grant offers every student who will complete a study exchange or work placement overseas funding to cover the full cost of their journey from their home to their destination. There is a maximum of £500 available per student to help cover the costs of taking a more sustainable travel option (e.g. train, bus or ferry). 

Grants are currently available to all students spending a year abroad studying or working, with no limit on those who can access it for the 2024-25 academic year. 

Why has it been introduced? 

We recognise the negative impact that flying has on the environment, primarily due to the carbon emissions from air travel. By introducing a travel grant that encourages greener modes of transport we aim to reduce emissions, whilst also positively contributing to DMU strategic aims related to Sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

International travel, especially by rail can be expensive and this funding is being offered to ensure that there is no financial disincentive for students not to travel by more sustainable modes of transportation. The Grant will help all students make more climate-conscious decisions. 

DMU Global Sustainability & Travel Online Module

Before you go abroad, remember to complete this training which gives you the opportunity to learn more about the impact of travel on the environment.

More information

Read the information and terms and conditions below to find out how you can access the funding…. 

DMU student stories

Joanna receives the first ever Green Global Grant to study on exchange!

Joanna Baginska is a second year Advertising and Marketing Communications student who is studying on exchange at Rennes School of Business in France. She was the first ever Green Global Grant recipient who travelled in September 2024 to Rennes by train. Here are her reflections on the experience… Every product and service we consume leaves…

The aforementioned action is aligned to Article 6. 31 (travel) of the CANIE Accord – ‘Adjust, or introduce, climate conscious travel policies to incentivise lower carbon means of travel and reduce emissions-intensive business and academic travel’

In line with the CANIE accord, DMU Global is taking a number of steps as part of the call to strengthen and accelerate the response of the international education sector to the climate crisis, guided by SDG 13: Climate Action.