Malmö University – Malmö, Sweden

Founded in 1998, Malmö University has had a keen focus on its social commitment to both the local community and student life. It has informed the university’s approach to education through close collaboration with the city and surrounding community; providing an excellent student exchange experience. The university is committed to being an internationally recognised institution, offering over 30 degrees in English with just over 24,000 students enrolled.

Ranked the 14th best university in Sweden and coming in the top 500 universities in Europe, the university offers exchange students a world class education in the heart of a city with a rich and diverse background. Sweden is also recognised as the 5th highest ranking country for education and research quality world-wide.

Programmes of study

DMU’s exchange agreement with Malmö University allows students enrolled on the following programmes to study abroad: 

  • Art, Design & Humanities – Politics and International Relations, History, Politics and International Relations, Interior Design, Product Design
  • Business and Law – Law (students will be required to pick some modules from other programmes)
  • Computing, Engineering and Media – Computer Science
  • Health and Life Sciences – Education Studies

Modules will be available in English and further information about the study options can be found here (Exchange students may not be eligible for all courses listed. You will receive a full list upon your successful application).

You are also highly encouraged to participate in the following optional courses:

  • Introduction programme: Designed to help international students integrate with the student life at Malmö and explore what the city has to offer.
  • Swedish language course: An introduction to the Swedish language, culture and society.

Travel & accommodation

  • Travel While Malmö has its own airport, exchange students are advised to travel to Malmö University via Copenhagen Airport (CPH), a mere 20-minute train from Malmö.
  • Accommodation – There is a range of accommodation on offer for exchange students. You can see a full list here.

Visas & insurance

  • Visas To take part in this exchange you are responsible for ensuring that you meet Swedish immigration requirements.
  • Insurance – All students are recommended to purchase travel insurance for the duration of their time in Europe to cover personal possessions and healthcare. UK and EU nationals can apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which is time-limited to the length of the exchange period.


Living costs in Sweden tend to be higher than those in the UK. We recommend that you do further independent research to gain a better understanding of the cost of your year abroad. To help you, we have created a simple cost comparison between the UK and Sweden: