Understanding China

Understanding China


This opportunity is open to all DMU students as well as interested individuals from the local community.


All students are invited to join the DMU Confucius Institute and the University of Science and Technology in Beijing (USTB) to participate in this interactive event. This lecture is part of the Confucius Institute’s Chinese New Year celebrations and aims to give participants a better understanding of Chinese history and culture.

In a world where there is so much uncertainty and insecurity, how do we promote international understanding? This lecture will explore how people of all cultures can look beyond their own assumptions and beliefs in order to understand other cultures. The speaker will emphasise historical development and focus on the assumptions held by many in the West about Chinese society and government and compare them with assumptions held in China about Western society and government.


  • Introduction
  • Understanding China lecture
  • Q&A session

Learning objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of Chinese culture from a historical perspective.
  • Identify and question assumptions about Chinese and Western society to consider how mutual understanding can be achieved.
  • Support the celebration of Chinese New Year.


For this unique event, we welcome professor Mark Buck, an expert in Western Culture and English Language and Literature at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing.

Mark studied and taught History at Cambridge University from 1971-82 and has contributed a number of articles to the New Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, 2004). Before moving to China, he was Head of the History department and taught Medieval and Modern History, Latin and Critical Thinking at Lancing College. 

In 2005, Mark moved to the University of Science and Technology Beijing, where he has been teaching Western Culture and English Language and Literature.

He is joint author of How to Read Western Media Closely (Science Press of China, 2009) and sole author of A Guide to the Two Sources of Western Civilization (Renmin University Press, 2018). 


If you would like to join this event, click the ‘Apply now’ button at the bottom of this page. You will receive an invitation to register via Eventbrite. Please, check your inbox as well as junk inbox.

Key information

  • Application deadline: Wednesday 27 January 2021, 5pm (CLOSED)
  • Live session start time: Friday 29 January 2021, 11am GMT
  • Session duration: 1 hour

If you have any questions about this opportunity please contact the DMU Confucius Institute at ci@dmu.ac.uk