University of A Coruña – Galicia, Spain

Founded in 1989, the University of A Coruña has undergone significant development through its lifespan, now being considered a modern, innovative, and dynamic university based between the two costal cities of A Coruña and Ferrol. Through programmes covering areas in culture, cooperation, equality, language and technology the University of A Coruña has a diverse range of opportunities for students. UDC creates an environment in which internationalisation fosters and takes centre stage. With over 500 exchange students and academics completing a mobility at UDC every year, students expecting to study here will not feel out of place. The university is actively introducing new programs taught in English, so students can be confident there will be ample opportunities to choose from and participate in.

Programmes of study

DMU’s exchange agreement with UDC allows students enrolled on the following programmes to study abroad:

Modules will be available in English and further information about the study options can be found via the links above. Exchange students will be required to follow a full programme of study for the academic year based at UDC.

Travel & accommodation

  • Travel – The nearest major airport to UDC is A Coruña Airport (LCG) located just 8 minutes’ drive from the university centre. Santiago–Rosalía de Castro Airport, located in Santiago de Compostela is an alternative international airport, connected to A Coruña with bus and taxi links.
  • Accommodation – The Coruña campus does not have its own dorms and thus private accommodation is required. The university recommends either the “Siglo XXI” Residence hall or Rialta Residence. For the Ferrol campus, the university hosts “Residencia Universitaria Pública de Ferrol”. However, additional private accommodation is available. A complete list can be found here.

Visas & insurance

  • Visas – To take part in this exchange you are responsible for ensuring that you meet Spanish immigration requirements.
  • Insurance – All students are recommended to purchase travel insurance for the duration of their time in Europe to cover personal possessions and healthcare. UK and EU nationals can apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which is time-limited to the length of the exchange period.


Living costs in Spain are higher than those in the UK. We recommend that you do further independent research to gain a better understanding of the cost of your year abroad. To help you, we have a created a simple cost comparison between the UK and Spain: