Virtual International Student Conference – Food Loss & Food Waste


This opportunity is open to all DMU students. The maximum number of places for this opportunity is 2. Please check our eligibility criteria for further details.


DMU students are invited to apply for the International Student Conference on ‘Global Citizenship’ with the theme of ‘Food Loss and Food Waste’. The conference is organised and delivered by Parahyangan Catholic University in collaboration with International Network of Universities, of which DMU is a member.

This conference is aimed at increasing student awareness and preparing them to address the global issue of food waste. Participants will have an opportunity to join a number of lectures and workshops that discuss food waste issues in more detail and learn about best practices to manage them. In addition, students will get a chance to learn more about Indonesian culture through cultural activities.

Successful applicants will be required to register with the host university.

Main Activities

All sessions will be delivered in English and will include:

  • Lectures: Topics will include food loss and food waste, the general concept of design thinking, and design thinking approach for food loss and waste.
  • Workshops: Topics will include design thinking, eco enzyme, urban farming and biodigesters.
  • Skill development workshops: Topics will include engaging online presentations and 21st-century skills.
  • Best practices of food waste management: Managing food waste in the hotel industry and food waste management by the community.
  • Cultural activities: Indonesian folk dancing, drawing batik, learning Bahasa Indonesia and a cooking challenge. 



If you would like to apply for this opportunity, click the ‘Apply now’ button below, and complete the fields in the application form. Students cannot apply directly to the University, and must apply through DMU Global in the first instance. We will notify you of the outcome of your application within 72 hours of the deadline passing.

Key information

  • Application deadline: Monday 3 May 2021, 9am
  • Opportunity dates: Between Thursday 22 July and Thursday 12 August
  • Session duration: 7 sessions of 3-4 hours each

If you have any questions about this opportunity please contact us at