SGU Japanese Language and Culture Summer School in Fukuoka

Key Information


Application Deadline: 05/02/24 at 9:00 am

Opportunity type: Extra-curricular opportunities, Summer Schools

Ref: 10008320


Departure Date: 17/06/24

Return Date: 21/07/24


£1900-2000: the estimated cost for travel, accommodation, tuition and cultural activities (excluding DMU Global funding). Students will also be required to pay for: UK and in-country transfers, food and drink, visa (if applicable)


DMU Global Bursary: £400

Additional Funding: Turing Scheme funding £480 + additional funds for qualifying 'disadvantaged' students


Accommodation: University accommodation will be provided as part of the programme fee

Travel: Flights will be booked independently by students (£900-1000)


General Enquiries: Global Mobility Office -

How to pay

Payment details: Students will be required to pay the pay £830 programme fee directly to SGU after being accepted by them for the summer school. The DMU Global bursary will be paid directly to students.

Carbon Levy

Student contribution: To offset the carbon emissions from the flight for this trip there is a £5 Carbon Levy for this trip which has been added to the total cost. Information about how this Levy will be used can be found here.


All DMU students are eligible to participate in this opportunity, but it would be of particular relevance for students currently studying the Japanese language with DMU Global or independently. DMU students who are planning to study on exchange in Japan in 2024-25 are also encouraged to apply. There are a maximum of 6 places available. Students are recommended to check the eligibility criteria before applying.


Please note, if you have already participated on or been accepted for a DMU Global overseas trip between September 2023 and August 2024 you are not eligible to apply for this opportunity.


Students are recommended to apply for no more than 2 overseas opportunities. Further application submissions will not be considered.


DMU in cooperation with its partner, Seinan Gakuin University (SGU), based in Fukuoka, Japan are able to offer students the chance to participate in a 4-week Japanese language and cultural experience. SGU have a one of the oldest exchange programmes in Japan, and advocates of the importance of learning about and interacting with people from other cultures. They believe that ‘knowledge is but the first step to understanding.’

SGU’s campus is located in the major Japanese city of Fukuoka, which is surrounded by nature and nestled on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu overlooking the Korean strait. The city is major gateway to Asia and the main hub for travel in southwestern Japan.

The 4-week summer school programme (teaching between 19 June and 19 July) offered for students is for those who have a basic understanding of the Japanese language, and some prior knowledge and experience of studying. You will study approximately 50 hours of Japanese with highly trained and experienced instructors each morning, and the rest of the day will be yours to enjoy optional Japanese culture classes and activities. It is the perfect option for students who are looking for a full-summer session of language learning and cultural experiences!

Here is an overview of what to expect from the programme:

  • 5 Japanese class levels ranging from beginner to advanced (no introductory class offered)
  • Students will learn through activities – “TAIKEN-GATA GAKUSHU (体験型学習)” and they will learn in groups with participants from different backgrounds “TATEWARI 縦割り)Activity”
  • Project work will include on/off campus field work, workshops and language lab activities
  • A range of visits to nearby cultural and historical sites in the region, local bazaars, markets restaurants
  • Take part in a day field trip in Fukuoka to visit local shrines, temples and other attractions
  • Go on an overnight field trip in the Kyushu region to visit a range of historical sights

A more detailed overview of the programme can be found via the programme guide below…

Japanese language and culture summer school
online programme guide

Practical information

Students that participate on this summer school will stay in the on-campus International Houses. Students will be required to pay SGU the summer school application fee of ¥12,000 Japanese Yen (£66) and the programme fee of ¥170,000 Japanese Yen (£920) which includes: tuition, course materials, accommodation and field trips. In addition to the programme fee, students will be required to pay for and book flights to Fukuoka, Japan (approx. £900-1000).

All DMU students will receive £400 DMU Global bursary and a minimum of £480 Turing Scheme funding (£880 in total). Students who meet the criteria for ‘widening participation‘ will also qualify for an additional £110, and £905 towards flight costs.

After being offered a place by DMU Global, students will be required to complete an application with SGU. There are limited places available and thus students will need to take these steps as soon as possible to avoid being placed on a waiting list.

Cultural Activities

There will be a range of cultural activities as part of the formal programme that students can participate in. Activities will include a series of Japanese culture classes and activities, including calligraphy, tea ceremony and hakama dress-up experience. There will also be an amazing variety of activities led by Seinan volunteer students outside of classes, including workshops, games and sports.

On evenings and weekends students will also have plenty of free time to explore Fukuoka and the surrounding area independently. Students are recommended to explore Japan’s incredible street food by visit the traditional yatai stalls, as well as taking a stroll around the peaceful Ohori Park which includes the ruins of Fukuoka castle.