Women’s Education in Tanzania

Key Information


Application Deadline: 05/02/24 at 9:00 am

Opportunity type: Extra-curricular opportunities, Volunteering

Ref: 10008525


Departure Date: 29/06/24

Return Date: 27/07/24


£1650 (incl. reg & programme fee, accommodation) and flights: Students will also be required to pay for: vaccinations, DBS check, public transport in country and return to the airport for departure and visa (if applicable)


DMU Global Bursary: £400

Additional Funding: Turing Scheme funding £480. Plus an additional funds £110 + £745 flight bursary for Widening Participation students, as defined by the Turing Scheme


Accommodation: Booked and provided by IVHQ

Travel: Flights booked by the student independently (£800 approx.)


General Enquiries: Global Mobility Office - dmuglobal@dmu.ac.uk

How to pay

Payment details: Students will be required to pay the £265 registration and £585 programme fee directly to IVHQ after being offered a place on the opportunity. The DMU Global bursary will be paid directly to students.

Carbon Levy

Student contribution: To offset the carbon emissions from the flight for this trip there is a £5 Carbon Levy for this trip which has been added to the total cost. Information about how this Levy will be used can be found here.


All DMU students are eligible to participate in this opportunity. To qualify for the additional funding for this opportunity students need to meet at least one of these ‘Widening Participation‘ criteria. The maximum number of places on this opportunity is 10.


Students are recommended to check the eligibility criteria before applying.


Please note, if you have already participated on or been accepted for a DMU Global overseas trip between September 2023 and August 2024 you are not eligible to apply for this opportunity.


Students are recommended to apply for no more than 2 overseas opportunities. Further application submissions will not be considered.


DMU Global in cooperation with our partner International Volunteer HQ, are offering DMU students the chance to volunteer on a Women’s Education Project in Arusha, Tanzania in summer 2024. The Women’s Education project is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers to make a meaningful difference to the lives of women who face the challenges of gender inequality in Arusha. Volunteers gain experience supporting and teaching women by helping them learn new skills that could lead to them gaining employment and becoming more self-sufficient.

You will be based with a local NGO that focuses on empowering women and giving them the skills to be healthy and financially independent. Many of these women would struggle to find these kinds of opportunities to upskill and support themselves without these volunteer-driven initiatives. Through the volunteer programme you’ll help with a range of activities which include:

  • You will be based with a local NGO that focuses on teaching English, health and business classes.
  • Distributing menstrual pads to women and girls (either when available or upon fundraising)
  • Assisting on a project to teach women how to breed chickens for income
  • Helping women to obtain finance for their start-up businesses
  • Teaching women how to cook
  • Support with the provision of childcare
  • Jewellery design and creation

For more information about IVHQ and the specific volunteering opportunities in Tanzania, please visit the IVHQ website.

Practical information

Students that participate on this volunteering experience will be provided with a shared room (single gender) with other volunteers. The package also includes an in-country airport pick-up, orientation, all meals and 24/7 in-country support.

This 4 week programme fee has a Registration Fee of approximately £265 ($333) that students will need to pay to confirm their place. You will also be required to pay the Program Fee of approximately £585 ($730). In addition, students will be required to pay for and book flights to Tanzania (approx. £800).

Students will receive the following financial support for this opportunity:

UN Sustainable Development Goals

De Montfort University is the only higher education institution in the UK to be a global hub for one of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDG 16 to promote peace, justice and strong institutions. The SDGs were introduced by the United Nations in 2010 with the aim of improving the lives of millions of people by 2030.

Through our activities at DMU, we aim to contribute to all of the UN SDGs in a variety of ways. This DMU Global volunteering opportunity specifically gives students the chance to engage with the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Cultural Activities

The projects offered within the volunteering program will provide many opportunities for intercultural learning. As students will be volunteering for 3-6 hours per day, there will be plenty of time to explore Arusha and its surroundings. Arusha is known for its amazing wildlife, where volunteers can see Africa’s Big 5 – lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards and rhino, as well as a vast array of other species.

You will be able to explore Arusha’s great markets or the cultural heritage centre. You can also take a few days to hike up the nearby Mount Meru, or learn about the Maasai and Meru tribes of the area.