Fees & Support

Tuition Fees

To study abroad, you do not pay tuition fees to the host university; instead you pay a reduced fee to DMU. This fee includes the ongoing support from the DMU Global, and all other services offered by DMU such as the Library, DSU, Student Services, Counselling and Welfare. The fees for students planning to study abroad in the 2023-24 academic year are:




International students

Students applying to study on exchange in future years can consult the DMU website for more information on tuition fees for home and international student placements.


If you are offered the opportunity to study on exchange, a refundable deposit of £100 will be payable at the time of accepting your place. The deadline for acceptance and payment will be 14 days after being notified you have been selected. The deposit will be repaid to you upon confirmation of formal acceptance from your host institution.

Financial Support

Any loans, grants or scholarships you are entitled to are not affected by studying on exchange. This includes the Tuition Fee Loan, Maintenance Loan, and Maintenance Grants. 

UK Tuition Fee Loan

If you normally apply for a UK Student Loan, you are strongly advised to apply for one for your period abroad. Being an exchange student does not affect your eligibility to apply for one. However, you should only apply for the tuition fee loan amount that you have been requested to pay by DMU. For example, if you only have to pay £650 to DMU during your year abroad, you should only apply for a tuition fee loan to cover that amount.

It is your responsibility to supply full information of your period abroad to your academic department and to Student Finance for your funding. This information will be used to ensure that University records are correct and the correct tuition fee is applied.

If there is a discrepancy in the amount Student Finance states you must borrow and the amount DMU states you must pay, please contact Student Administrative Support on sas@dmu.ac.uk or call 0116 257 7595 (option 3).

Travel Grant

You may be able to claim a retrospective travel grant from Student Finance following your period abroad. The travel grant is income-assessed and can cover reasonable costs as decided by Student Finance England. Check the Travel Grants web page for more information.

If you indicate on your SFE application that you intend to apply for the travel grant, Student Finance may ask you to complete their ‘Course Abroad Form’ and obtain a signature from DMU.

Turing Scheme Funding

DMU has been awarded funding from the UK Government’s new Turing Scheme to support students going to study and work abroad. This has currently been confirmed for academic year 2022-23. We are awaiting confirmation about funding for future years and will update this once information is available.

The amount of funding students are entitled to will depend on the cost of living of their host country:

Group 1 destinations

£380 per month OR £490 for students from disadvantaged backgrounds

Group 2 & 3 destinations

£335 per month OR £445 for students from disadvantaged backgrounds

To find details of which countries are listed in each group, visit the cost of living groups page.

Additional support for those from disadvantaged backgrounds

The definitions of what constitutes a student from a disadvantaged background used by the Turing Scheme can be found here.

Alongside the higher grant rate, students from disadvantaged backgrounds will also receive funding towards the direct costs of travel, depending on distance between the UK and your destination. You will also be eligible to claim for additional travel expenses, including the costs of visas, passports, and health insurance.

Additional support for those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

For participants with SEND, the scheme will fund up to 100% of actual costs for support directly related to these additional needs, if these cannot be facilitated by the host institution. For further details regarding this and to discuss your individual situation, please contact studentexchange@dmu.ac.uk or the Global Disability Officer.


Once you have been accepted to study abroad we will run preparation sessions that will cover a range of practical and logistical topics including arranging accommodation and booking flights. However, you can find important information about insurance and visas below to help you prepare.