On-campus experiences

Alongside our overseas opportunities, we have a range of exciting internationally-themed experiences that take place on campus at DMU. Our aim is for these to be accessible and open to all students, without the need to travel. These opportunities will help you develop an appreciation for new cultures, gain a better understanding of global issues and languages, as well as enhance soft skills, such as communication, self-confidence and teamworking.

Types of opportunities


With a variety of non-credit bearing study options, you can choose to learn: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Spanish or Mandarin.


Develop your cultural awareness and become a global citizen through a range of activities and programmes.

Opportunities and application dates

Our on-campus experiences and funding are open to all DMU students. We will continually add new opportunities throughout the academic year that you can apply for. Application and deadline dates may vary, so make sure to check the details of the activity that you are interested in.

Application deadline: Monday 16 October 2023
Status: OPEN

Application deadline: Monday 16 October 2023
Status: OPEN

Application deadline: Monday 9 October 2023
Status: OPEN

Why participate in on-campus international experiences?

Participating in on-campus international experiences can help you develop a range of skills. They can provide you with invaluable opportunities to:

Learn about different cultures 

Take part alongside your studies 

Develop a range of new skills 

Pay only a small fee to participate

Build your confidence 

Grow your network and make new friends